Greece is one of the top destinations in the world. Every year millions of tourists visit and explore the Greece, but most the unique Greek islands.

Paros is one of the most popular Cycladic islands. It is the second largest island in the Cyclades, with unique beauties.

In the southern part of the island, just 10 km from the capital of Paros, Parikia, and just 5 miles from the airport, located Aliki. There you can find Archontiko Mary-Paros apartments.

Aliki is a quiet, small and beautiful village by the sea. From here, as a starting point you can easily explore the island. It has easy access to all points of Paros, but staying little secluded from the bustling nightlife of Naoussa and Parikia, offering peace and relaxation, whenever you wish.

Aliki is indicated for family, quiet and relaxing holiday. The beach is sandy with calm and crystal clear waters.

The coastal road, which becomes pedestrianized street from the afternoon onwards, has everything to offer. From Super Market and Café. Here you can enjoy Greek cuisine. It has restaurants with Greek recipes with local products, fresh fish, as well as Greek Cafe with delicious desserts and more. There, next to the sea and next to the seaside pedestrian zone there is a small playground for the little ones.

It is just 5 minutes from the Punta where there is a small harbor with ferries that go to Antiparos, with frequent midday itineraries, ideal for s day trip.

There is public transportation, with frequent itineraries that give the ability access to Parikia, Naousa and other locations.

Because Paros has many places to visit. The alleys of Parikia and Naoussa. The Byzantine church of Panagia, of course unique and wonderful beaches and many other places. Paros is an island that combines the intense nightlife with the quiet and romantic taverns and bars. Combines the beach party and the cosmopolitan air, with the quiet and secluded beaches.

It has everything. Have fun.